What makes us different from all companies?

● Our priority is to offer a high quality service at very affordable prices.

● We want granite and quartz countertops to be an affordable luxury for anyone.

● Satisfaction guarantee in our services by carrying out all the necessary processes to take the materials of nature to your homes.

1.- Which material is better, Quartz or Granite?

The two materials are excellent, very resistant and look incredible anywhere. The granite has an incomparable natural beauty and the quartz is very consistent and easy to clean.

2.-How much maintenance is given to granite?

We Recommend sealing every year to avoid spots

3.- How should I clean my countertops?

We recommend cleaning with anti-bacterial soap and water. There are many natural stone cleaners in the market, but we feel anti-bacterial soap and water is the best.

4.- My granite or quartz countertop will have joints?

In most granite countertops we require joints, this is depending on the size. Either way we will always try to make it a single piece and do not have seams when fabricating.

5. How long does it take to install my countertops?

An average kitchen takes around 4 hours to install.

6. Which forms of payment do you accept?

Our method of payment is check; however, we do accept Visa and Master card as well.

7. How long does it take to fabricate and install my countertops?

Once the templates are taken it takes around one week to fabricate and install them, however there are many things to consider before we can give you a timeframe, but usually it takes from 7 days to a 14 days maximum.


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